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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

Placement & Proficiency Testing

Language Placement Process

This process is intended for students who want/need to take a language course at SCU. All students must complete the Language Placement Process prior to taking their first language course at SCU. This process will identify the course(s) for you to take as your first course here at SCU. NOTE: A PLACEMENT RECOMMENDATION IS A PREREQUISITE FOR ALL SCU LANGUAGE COURSES. You will not be able to enroll in your first SCU course in a specific language without having completed the Language Placement Process. Once you have taken a language course at SCU, that course will serve as your prerequisite for further language courses.  There is no pass or fail to this test, and your results will NOT satisfy the SCU Core Language requirement.

Begin the Language Placement Process

Proficiency Exam

The Proficiency Exam is intended for students who have considerable experience with a language other than English and who would like to demonstrate that proficiency as a means to satisfy the University Core Second Language Requirement. “Considerable experience” means having completed 3 or more years of studies in the language in high school or being a native or near native speaker. Students who wish to take language courses at SCU would NOT take a proficiency exam. The Proficiency Exam is offered on a limited basis in fall, winter and spring quarters. Registration for a Proficiency Exam opens up prior to each exam period.

Registration for Proficiency testing begins the first day of each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring).

Proficiency Exam Registration