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Neuroscience Program

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A Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience at SCU will provide students with the scientific foundation needed to understand the nervous system at many levels, from the molecular level to patient symptomatology. Students will use interdisciplinary approaches to examine the biological, computational, and psychological underpinnings of the nervous system. Students will come to appreciate the interactions between neurological and environmental factors in contributing to disease, disorders, and development. They will be challenged to consider ethical issues in neuroscience research and practice. Students who graduate with a neuroscience major will be prepared for diverse careers in health care, policy, business, law, biomedical, and clinical research or graduate-level studies in neuroscience-related disciplines.

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  • Immersed in another culture and away from the comforts of home, Melanie Eng ’24 completed an internship in Barcelona, Spain where she gained insight into her future career goals and adopted a more global worldview.

  • Student fellow for the Center for the Arts and Humanities, Emma Rutter '23 is researching the connection between dance education and long-term memory over her senior year.

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