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Neuroscience Program

Peer Advisors

  • Ryan Benavente headshot
    Ryan Benavente '22

    Neuroscience and Biology

    Aloha! I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and was lucky to have grown up in a diverse and welcoming community. My mission at Santa Clara is to bring that same welcoming energy to all students in the university. My goal is to apply to medical school and eventually become a physician in an undetermined field. I am very excited to be working in this program and I hope to help and assist whoever needs it. Feel free to reach out and I wish everyone a wonderful experience.

  • Sydney Campbell headshot
    Sydney Campbell '22

    Neuroscience and Biology

    Hi all! Originally I am from Spokane, Washington, but now I live a couple of blocks off-campus with a few college friends. Aside from being a Neuroscience advisor, I also work as a Chem 11 TA, do research under the amazing Dr. Lang Chen, and most recently have started working at lululemon. I am looking forward to helping out in any way I can and hope you all come prepared with many questions. :-)

  • Misale Mesfin headshot
    Misale Mesfin '22


    Hello! I am currently staying home in Los Angeles since classes are now virtual, although I do miss the SCU environment. A little about what I plan to do after I graduate is to participate in some research and go to grad school to study neuropsychology. I look forward to meeting you all!

  • Kendall Moore headshot
    Kendall Moore '22

    Neuroscience and Ethnic Studies

    Hello everyone! I am originally from Littleton Colorado. I am extraordinarily interested in bias in the brain and on tactics to reduce bias both on an individual and structural level. My hobbies include baking, running, reading way too many books(my favorite author and idol is Toni Morrison). I work in a tea shop back in Colorado and also adore hiking, and my family's pets (including the recent addition of three puppies).

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