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Neuroscience Program


Foundational Courses

Neuroscience core courses (4)

NEUR 1 Introduction to Neuroscience
NEUR 10  Explorations in Neuroscience
NEUR 150 Neuroscience Research Seminar
NEUR 190 Neuroscience Capstone

Natural Science core courses (9)

BIOL 1A Energy and Matter L&L
BIOL 1B Information and Evolution L&L
BIOL 1C Systems L&L
BIOL 122 Neurobiology L&L
CHEM 11, 12, 13 General Chemistry series (all L&L)
CHEM 31, 32 Organic Chemistry series (all L&L)

[Note: Most medical schools and some other professional schools require a full year of organic chemistry and physics.  Consequently, students intending to pursue such careers should complete CHEM 33 and PHYS 11/12/13 or 31/32/33, in addition to the Neuroscience degree requirements.]

Social Science core courses (3)

PSYC 1 General Psychology I
PSYC 165 Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYC 169 Cognitive Neuroscience

Mathematics (2)

MATH 11 Calculus I
MATH 12 Calculus II

[Note: MATH 12 may be substituted for CSCI 10.]

Statistics course (1)

BIOL 160 L&L

Elective courses

Natural Science Electives (select 2)

At least ONE L&L from:

BIOL 110 Genetics L&L
BIOL 120 Animal Physiology L&L
BIOL 124 Human Physiology L&L
BIOL 165 Animal Behavior L&L
BIOL 174 Cell Biology L&L
BIOL 175 Molecular Biology L&L 

BIOL 119 Biology of Stress
BIOL 171 Ethical Issues in Biotechnology and Genetics  
CHEM 141 Biochemistry I (note: requires CHEM 33)
CSCI 168 Computer Graphics

Social Science electives (Select 2)

At least ONE from PSYC:

PSYC 130 Psychology of Learning
PSYC 138 Memory
PSYC 166 Human Neuropsychology
PSYC 167 Psychopharmacology
PSYC 196 Psychology of Aging

COMM 100A The Science of Happiness
COMM 176A Biology of Human Communication
PHIL 113 Bioethics
PHIL 117 Bioethics and the Law
PHIL 153 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 158 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 160 Philosophy of Mental Illness
PHIL 161 Philosophy of Emotion

Note: Additional advanced courses in the sciences and engineering may be approved for electives with permission.

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