2018 Day of Giving

2018 Day of Giving

Are YOU Ready? The College of Arts and Sciences Preps for Annual Day of Giving

For years, Day Of Giving has been a signature event at Santa Clara University, an opportunity for everyone the university has touched over the years -- students, faculty, parents, and alumni alike -- to come together and show support for the myriad organizations that comprise the beating heart of the University.

If you’re not already familiar with Day of Giving, let’s explain:  Day of Giving is a marathon, 24-hour, university-wide fundraising event focused on the many different organizations at SCU. Day of Giving donations, which can be directed toward any accredited group on campus, form a major part of the overall funding for the many clubs, teams, and organizations that participate.

For instance, a donor can choose that their money goes to the Robotics Club, the Rugby team, the Career Center, or any other group to which they may have a special connection. Often, donations will be matched by other funders.

At the College of Arts and Sciences, Day of Giving 2018 provides an opportunity to focus on experiential learning, specifically, the many research and internship opportunities that can enhance and even transform a student’s undergraduate experience.

Daniel Iritani, Director of External Relations for the College of Arts and Sciences, describes the annual Day of Giving this way:  “It’s incredibly humbling. The passion and devotion of our alumni, friends, and parents is amazing. Our current and future students are very lucky to have such a dedicated community of supporters. That support is a big reason why our students go on to do great things.”

Day of Giving 2018 takes place on March 7. The countdown has begun!  You’ll feel the excitement unfold through email, social media, and on University websites so be sure to keep an eye out, and please consider making a donation this year. It’s a great way of going “all in” on a cause you care about.