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Department ofPhilosophy

About Us

Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom. Through the honest use of questions, it seeks: self-knowledge, exploration of new ideas, clarification of definitions, the avoidance of bias, and the ability to consider all available alternatives. Philosophy aims at more than knowledge; the wise person pursues the truth of a complete life in thought and action.

Philosophy begins in wonder—wonder at the material world, wonder at ideas, wonder at human purpose. Driven by curiosity and the desire to learn, the philosopher reflects openly on how best to live a meaningful life.

Philosophy’s explorations provided a foundation for academic education, and that spirit continues today. In any field—from business, to medicine, to law, to teaching, to computer programming and civil engineering—the ability to think creatively and the capacity to solve problems carefully are both central to professional success and personal satisfaction.

The study of Philosophy helps students acquire and develop: