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Guy Ramon

Guy Ramon

Qubits as Nanoscale Sensors

Guy Ramon and collaborators just published an in-depth modern review paper on exciting developments in solid-state quantum qubits.

Edit 10/1/2020: Associate Professor Guy Ramon has published a paper in the Rapid Communication section of APS’s Physical Review B. The paper's title is “Trispectrum reconstruction of non-Gaussian noise” and it proposes a method by which a qubit can be used to probe its noisy environment in ways that were previously unavailable. Quantum control protocols are used to scan higher noise correlations, extending current capabilities to probe and characterize noise sources.  These qubit-based noise spectroscopy techniques can be utilized to map charge noise sources that are inherent in all solid-state qubit devices, and are thus of great interest in the quantum computing community.

Associate Professor Guy Ramon and his collaborators have published a review paper in IOP’s Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. The review’s title is “Environmental noise spectroscopy with qubits subjected to dynamical decoupling” and it covers various methods that allow researchers to use qubits to probe their noisy environment. These techniques are of great interest in the quantum computing community, as they help us identify dominant noise mechanisms and suggest effective ways to mitigate their adverse effects on qubit performance. In addition to its focus on noise spectroscopy with qubits, the review provides an overview of environmental noise models in solid-state based qubits, including quantum-dot spin qubits, superconducting qubits and NV centers in diamond. Theoretical noise models are connected with exciting experimental advances made with these systems in recent years.

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