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Department ofPsychology


Honors Students Talks

This year, we started an honors program within our department:

Every year, psychology majors may be selected for graduation with Honors in Psychology provided they have a grade point average of 3.3 or higher in their psychology courses, complete PSYC 99 and a senior project in a manner approved by the faculty honors committee. Honors students are expected to participate in various department-sponsored events.

In February, the current senior students gave presentations about their work at SCU and in the community.

Matt Davis

Psychology and Public Health double major Matt Davis talked about his year long research program with Public Health professor Dr. Westley Clark. He writes:

“Over the last year, I worked closely with Dr. H. Westley Clark from the Public Health Department. During my mentorship with him, we co-authored several publications together, one of which was even featured as the cover article of the journal. In addition to the publications, I attended several talks he gave across the Bay Area and networked with leading professionals in the addiction community. The countless hours I've spent working with Dr. Clark have been enriching and empowering, and have expanded my knowledge in unbelievable ways. As a result of my time with him, I now have clear direction of what I want for my life, and know the actionable steps I must take to accomplish it. I am incredibly grateful to have had these life-changing experiences over this past year.”

The paper Matt co-authored can be found here:

Vivan Vu

Psychobiology and Public Health double major Vivian Vu talked about her work with older adults across the last two years. In addition to participating in the Gerontology Certificate Program run by Dr. Simone, she also has interned and volunteered with multiple community organizations.

Vivian writes:

“During my junior and senior year, she honed in on my interest in aging and working with the older adult population by working with the LinkAges program at the David Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation and the Friends from Meals on Wheels program at the Health Trust. Through my work with both programs, I focused on addressing the issue of social isolation in the older adult population and promoting connections throughout the community. In the future, I want to pursue a MSW/MPH dual degree, and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker​​.

As a student within the Psychology Honors program, I feel grateful to have met and gotten to know such wonderful and inspirational people, students and professors alike. I want to thank all of the faculty members of the Psychology Department as well as her classmates for continuing to inspire and motivate her to be a better student and person!"

Anna Fitch

Psychology major Anna Fitch interned for a company that uses Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy for children on the autism spectrum. Anna worked as a Behavioral Technician with individual clients in both the home and school setting. She writes:

“For the past year, I have had the pleasure of exploring the world of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Currently, I work as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) with children on the autism spectrum. Through the use of ABA, I aid in crafting individualized programs based on clients needs, as well as run the programs with them and record their data. I have worked with children of all ages, from 2 to 11-years-old, who are all on varying degrees of the spectrum. Typically, I get to see my clients, once a day every weekday, for a few hours. During this time, I run sessions with them based off of the programs their clinical team, including myself, have helped design. Each client comes with their own set of needs, and most of the time session is an uphill battle, but the payoff is unmatched. These children have greatly impacted this past year of my life, and have made a lasting impression on me that I never knew was possible. Though there have been many trials and tribulations, nothing is comparable to the warmth and joy they have added to my life and those who know them.”