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Malia Belnap

Malia Belnap

Neuroscience major Malia Belnap engages in research in the Halladay Lab as a DeNardo Science Scholar

Neuroscience major Malia Belnap ('19) is working as a research assistant in the Halladay Neural Circuits, Systems & Behavior Lab. Over the past two quarters, she has been piloting experiments and will continue her research throughout the summer as a DeNardo Science Scholar. The Halladay Lab’s ultimate goal is to uncover how neural circuitry adapts in response to repeated stress and how this affects compulsive alcohol consumption behaviors. Malia will be working with innovative technology such as optogenetics and in vivo electrophysiology. By understanding how stress alters brain circuitry to produce escalated drinking behavior, better treatments and therapies can be developed for patients who suffer from both anxiety and alcoholism. The field of neuroscience is inherently interdisciplinary and Malia is interested in learning about the biochemical aspects of the brain as well. She also works as a research assistant in the Brunauer Biochemistry Lab and hopes to integrate her knowledge of both fields to better understand the brain. Malia is excited to grow as a member of the scientific community and believes that these research opportunities are providing her with the critical skills and experiences she needs for a successful career in the healthcare industry.

More info:  The Halladay Research Lab



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