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Department ofPsychology


Psychology Department Receives Research Grant to Hire Students This Summer

The Psychology Department received an undergraduate research grant from the American Psychological Association for $18,052 to hire four students this summer. Students engaged in this program will approach the study of behavior examining both animal and humans, and will gain experience studying subjects across a variety of ages using a range of research tools and techniques. Projects and faculty involved are the Behavior Analysis Lab (Matt Bell), the Neural Circuits, Systems, & Behavior Lab (Lindsay Halladay), the Language Development Lab (Kirsten Read), and the Culture Impacts Emotions Lab (Birgit Koopman-Holm).

Initially, students will be introduced to each project, learning both the methodology and rationale behind the studies and to find the project that best suits their interest. Students may then focus their summer research experience on one project and they will present their findings in a public forum. This grant targets students new to research and our proposal was one of six funded (out of 27).