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Public Health Program

Katherine Saxton

Katherine Saxton

Associate Professor, Biology Department & Public Health Program

Educational Background
  • BA 2002 Brown University

  • MPH 2006 UC Berkeley

  • Ph.D. 2010 UC Berkeley

Exposure to stress during critical periods of development can shape health trajectories and interact with later exposures to determine well-being and disease. My research focuses on the ways in which social experiences affect biology and health, including inflammatory and metabolic processes, the endocrine responses to stress, and gestational outcomes, all of which influence and predict a wide range of diseases. I am interested in questions such as: Can environmental interventions reduce the harmful effects of low social status? How do prenatal and postnatal environments influence inflammatory and metabolic outcomes? I am particularly interested in the environmental and social circumstances which can produce disease susceptibility or resilience, as well as the biological mechanisms responsible for behavioral and health outcomes, in order to identify opportunities for intervention.

  • PHSC 1 Human Health & Disease

  • PHSC 100 Epidemiology

  • BIOL 119 Biology of Stress
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Valeriote Goldman Symposium: Public Health & Social Justice