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Department ofPublic Health

2017: Childhood, Education, and the Future of Public Health

This symposium, designed in conjunction with the SCU Child Studies Program, will focus on the intersecting impacts of education policy and public health on the lives of children. Children’s health encompasses the physical and emotional well-being of each child as well as the structural conditions and cultural meanings that allow for children to thrive in our world.

  • Dr. Lisseth Rojas-Flores

    Associate Professor, School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary

    April 24, 2017 | 5:00 PM | Vari Hall, Wiegand Room

    Learning and Growing in Uncertain Times: A Call to Action on Behalf of Children of Unauthorized Immigrants

  • Dr. David L. Kirp

    Professor of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

    May 8, 2017 | 5:00 PM | Library, St. Clare Room

    Changing the Arc of Children’s Lives
  • Jolene Smith

    CEO, First 5 Santa Clara County

    May 15, 2017 | 5:00 PM | Library, St. Clare Room

    From Cumulative Risk to Cumulative Assets
Valeriote Goldman Symposium: Public Health & Social Justice