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Department ofWomen's and Gender Studies

CiAuna Heard

CiAuna Heard

Assistant Professor

CiAuna Heard completed her Ph.D. in Sociology at Temple University, and was an ACLS Emerging Voices Postdoctoral Fellow for 2020. Her current research focuses on Black upper-class communities, and the ways that families and organizations work together to socially reproduce an intersectional identity that seeks to affirm legitimate belonging in raced, classed, and gendered spaces. This project examines both the qualitative substance, and transmission processes, of these lessons while also interrogating how geographical-regional differences illuminates differences in lesson process or substance.

Her research-in-development focuses on women of color’s engagements and with environmental justice and their intersectional, ecofeminist, interventions in systems of extraction, pollution, and green-apartheid.

Research Interests:

Intersectionality Theory and Coalitional Praxis
Black Feminism and Women of Color Feminisms
Black Middle Class
Social Reproduction of Culture and Communities
Women of Color Organizing and Organizations
Environmental Justice and Ecofeminist Theory and Activism

  • Cultures and Ideas: Women in Transnational Perspective (WGST 11A & 12A)
  • Feminist Research Methods (WGST 102)
  • Intersectionality: Principles and Practice (WGST 25/125)
  • Women of Color Feminisms in the U.S. (WGST 112/ETHN 154)
  • Ecofeminism: Gender, Race, and Environmental Justice (WGST 113)
  • Advanced Seminar (WGST 105)
Recent Publications

Heard, CiAuna. 2023. “Up the Hill: The Familial-Institutional Reproduction of the Black Upper-Middle ClassSociology of Race and Ethnicity (print version forthcoming).

Heard, CiAuna. 2023. “Racing to Gender: Jack and Jill and the Social Reproduction of Gendered Respectability”. Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies. (forthcoming).

Heard, CiAuna. 2023. “Ecowomanist Parables: Land-based, Womanist Ethics and Praxis in Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower”. Octavia Butler Symposium: Political Theology Network, Villanova University (forthcoming).