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Department ofWomen's and Gender Studies

News & Events


Poetry Reading
Lunch lecture by Donika Kelly, Assistant Professor at St. Bonaventure University
The Feminist Struggle Over Representation, Power, and Voice at the United Nations
Lecture by Sylvanna M. Falcon, Associate Professor in the Latin American and Latino/a Studies Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz


2015 – 2016

Catholicizing the Female Body from Childhood to Adulthood: A case study among older women of Mexican origin
Lunch lecture by Socorro Castaneda Liles, Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies at SCU
The Gay Revolution: 70 Year Struggle for LGBT Civil Rights
Lunch lecture by Lillian Faderman, Professor Emerita, Fresno State
AntiSocial: Race, Gender and Digital Speech
Lecture by Laytoya Peterson, Owner and Editor of Racialicious and Deputy Editor of Fusion’s Voices section
The Unexpected Belle La Follette: Progressive Model for 2016
Lunch lecture by Nancy Unger, Professor, Department of History at SCU
Skills Training for a “Rising India?” Gender, Technology, and Development in Global Delhi
Lunch lecture by Sreela Sarker, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication at SCU
Islam, Feminist Activism, and Gender Justice in Malaysia
Lunch lecture by Azza Basarudin, Research Scholar at the Center for the Study of Women at UCLA



The Strangled Cry: The Communication and Experience of Trauma
Lunch Lecture by Apara Nanda, Senior Lecturer in English & Women's and Gender Studies
Wedlocked: A Critical Perspective on Marriage Rights/Rites by Katherine Franke, Columbia Professor of Law; Director, Center for Gender and Sexuality Law
Lunch Panel on Marriage Equality: Supreme Court Update by Katherine Franke, Faculty in Residence & Patricia Caine, Professor SCU Law School
Faculty Lunch Lecture on Towards a Jurisprudence of Gender Equality: My Work with the Tanzanian Women Judges Association by Margaret Russell, Associate Professor of Law



34th Annual Women's Faculty Dinner Lecture by Leilani Miller 
Bro Code: Film Screening and talk Thomas Keith, film maker
Women's World Banking: Founding a Movement Lecture by Michaela Walsh, founder of Women's World Banking
Bogeymen and Babes: Addressing Race and Gender Bias in Science News Lecture by Sally Lehrman, senior fellow at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University
Silencing Women Panel Discussion
Born to Fight: Social Expectations, Personal Resilience, and the University Experience of the Daughters of Single Mothers Lecture by Jessica Gagnon
Seduction Consumption, and Revolution in the Imaginary Pacific Lunch Lecture by Dr. Michelle Burnham, English Department, Santa Clara University
Why Gender Matters Lecture by Esther Peralez-Dieckman, Director of Office of Women's Policy at County of Santa Clara
Lecture by Kate Bornstein
Trauma and Female Offending: Implications for Detainment and Treatment by Dr. Brett Solomon, Department of Psychology, Santa Clara University