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Department ofWomen's and Gender Studies


Interview with Abigail Alvarez

WGST minor is this year's ASG President.


The WGST department is thrilled to have Abigail Alvarez as our student body president! Abby is a political science and spanish double major and does a minor in WGST. We conducted a short interview with Abby to learn more about her and her relationship to WGST:

Can you tell us a bit about why you chose a minor in WGST? What drew you to the department? 

  • As a feminist and activist, I had created my own theory of change but wanted to learn more about feminist theory and the history of movements in order to better inform my opinions and actions.

Have there been any classes in particular that have inspired you? 

  • Feminist Approaches to Disability Studies!

How are you hoping to bring WGST into your career? 

  • I hope to use a radical feminist approach to policymaking. As a policy advisor, I want to use my WGST minor to better analyze the impact of different policies on women and queer folks and be sure to center these groups in all conversations. 

Any plans yet for after graduation?  

  • I will be in Washington DC with the 2021 Truman Scholar cohort for the summer and then applying for jobs in Sacramento. In a few years, I will be returning to grad school.

Do you have a favorite memory that relates to the WGST dept?

  • Being a part of Dr. Lodhia's participatory action research project on radical healing for student activists!