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Nora smiling in a maroon shirt
Nora Carrizosa
ALPHA RLC Spirituality Facilitator
I am returning to Santa Clara University after graduating with a B.S. in Political Science. I am currently pursuing a M.A. in Counseling Psychology. As an undergraduate, SCU provided the support I needed to grow as a young adult and be successful as a student. SCU offers numerous resources and programs that include the Lead Scholars, to assist first-generation students like myself; immersion trips and study abroad opportunities, to expose students to other cultures and communities; and retreats and events organized by Campus Ministry, to help students make discernments in a fun and interactive way. I love SCU to my core. I am enthusiastic to collaborate with Campus Ministry to create a safe space for students to make discoveries about themselves, engage in reflection, and cultivate their faith. I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona. I am passionate about raising mental health awareness. I love to travel, be immersed in nature, and explore new restaurants.