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Facilities provides basic equipment and services for events.

To reserve equipment or use a particular service provided by Facilities, please work with Samantha Kibbish to complete the required order form.

Tables, Chairs & Staging

Tables, chairs, and staging can be provided for both indoor and outdoor events. Be aware that your student organization may need to pay a fee for any delivery and set-up for weekend events.


If your event will require the use of electricity beyond a few outlets or if your event is in an area of campus where there are no accessible outlets, then you will need the campus electrician to evaluate your electrical needs and provide any additional electrical support so that you have sufficient electricity.

Waste Bins

For events that will produce significant waste such as food, you will need to order additional bins for trash, recycling, and compost. The number of additional bins depends on how large your event space is, how many people will be attending your event, and how much food you will be serving.