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Department ofElectrical and Computer Engineering

Introduction to Machine Learning

Introduction to Machine Learning

Term: Spring 2019

Course Title: Introduction to Machine Learning

Course Number: ELEN 520 (2 units)

Course Title: Introduction to Machine Learning Lab

Course Number: ELEN 520L (1 unit)

Course Description ELEN 520:

This course covers modern machine learning theory and techniques that can be applied to make informed data-driven decisions. Instead of manually analyzing data, machine learning offers a more efficient means to analyze large data sets to gradually improve the performance of predictive models. Machine learning algorithms are being used in a wide range of domains including image and voice recognition, finance, security, and games. These advancements are creating new jobs for data scientists, artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers


Course Description ELEN 520L:  

Students will use Xilinx PYNQ boards to collect data from sensors and explore various machine learning algorithms. The lab is a co-requisite for the course ELEN 520

Instructor: Radhika S. Grover