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Our Mission



Our mission is to ignite curiosity and foster understanding about the world and Santa Clara University's place in the world. We do this by connecting students, faculty, and staff through teaching, learning, and research.


We aspire to shape a world where people with varying identities and perspectives have the courage, skills, and ability to thrive.


  • We value cultivating compassion through critical and creative engagement with issues that transcend borders and boundaries
  • We value human dignity
  • We value the communities that our students, faculty, and staff belong to and the experience each individual brings
  • We value open dialogue
  • We value equity in policies and procedures to provide access to global programs and partnerships


Global Engagement is the central hub for campus internationalization at Santa Clara University. We are responsible for:

  • Study and learning abroad
  • International student support
  • International scholar process
  • Approval and resources for university-sponsored international travel
  • International partnerships
  • International agreements/MOUs
  • Faculty/Staff Fulbright