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Our Team

Provost's Office - Global Engagement

  • Associate Provost for International Programs

    • Global partnership and strategic initiatives
    • Global Learning
    • International Studies Minor
    • International Travel Proposals

    (408) 551-7072|

  • Director of Operations

    • Financial operations
    • Terra Dotta administration
    • Data processes and reporting

    (408) 554-2145|

Education Abroad

  • Director of Study Abroad

    • Study Abroad policies and procedures
    • Health and Safety for study abroad
    • Program portfolio management and curriculum integration
    • Incoming international exchange/non-degree students

    (408) 551-1959

  • Assistant Director of Study Abroad

    • Manage visiting and incoming and outgoing exchange student programs
    • Communication with partners
    • Maintains Study Abroad Database
    • Advises students on the range of global learning opportunities within the program portfolio

    (408) 554-6940

  • Study Abroad Advisor

    • Advise students on study abroad policies, procedures and programs
    • Develops promotion and outreach efforts
    • Serves as primary lead responding to the inbox

    (408) 551-3212

International Students & Scholars

  • Director of International Students and Scholars

    • International Student and Scholar Policies and Procedures
    • Institutional Compliance for SCU’s F-1 and J-1 Programs
    • Critical Incident Response and Reporting
    • Liaison to School of Engineering Graduate Programs

    (408) 551-3073

  • Assistant Director of International Students and Scholars

    • F-1 International Student Advising
    • CPT, OPT, and STEM OPT
    • J-1 International Exchange and Visiting Students
    • J-1 International Researchers and Professors
    • Liaison to Jesuit School of Theology

    (408) 551-7090

  • Assistant Director for International Students and Scholars

    • International Student Policy

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