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Indicators of Intercultural Competence

Indicators of Intercultural Competence: Questions for Faculty Discussion

ICC Attitudes:

How truly open am I to those from different cultural, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds?

Do I make quick assumptions about a student?  Do I prejudge students or situations or do I withhold judgment while I explore all facets of the situation?

ICC Knowledge:

Can I describe my own cultural conditioning?  For example, what cultural values impact how I behave and communicate with others?

How would I describe some of my students’ worldviews?  How might these differ from the ways in which I see the world?

ISS Skills:

Do I engage in active observation in my classroom, paying attention to subtle nuances and dynamics among my students and in my interactions with my students?

Do I engage in active reflection on my teaching practice and on my interactions with those from different cultural backgrounds?  Do I seek to understand why something occurred and what lessons can be learned from the situation?

ICC Internal Outcomes:

Am I able to adapt my behavior and communication style to accommodate students from different culturally conditioned communication styles?

Am I able to be flexible in responding to students’ learning needs, seeking to understand those needs from their cultural perspectives? 

ICC External Outcomes:

How culturally appropriate have I been in my interactions with my students?  How would my students answer this question?

Was I able to meet my goals in an appropriate and effective manner?

- Darla K. Deardorff, Duke University