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Get a Financial Aid Estimate

Students with financial aid who are approved to participate in SCU Study Abroad will have their financial aid package reviewed by the Financial Aid Office for the quarter or semester that they will be abroad. In some instances, the total aid amount may be adjusted, based on the total cost of the program abroad. Students should work directly with the Financial Aid Office with questions about their specific package.

All questions about financial aid and billing should be directed to

Financial Aid Disbursement and Study Abroad

The type of study abroad program will often affect students’ financial aid. The Financial Aid Office will disburse financial aid according to Santa Clara University's disbursement schedule, and study abroad programs that are semester or trimester in length will be affected according to this disbursement structure. Therefore, it is important for you to meet with a financial aid adviser before considering studying abroad, so that you are aware of the financial impact of your study abroad decision. Please see the resource below for more information.

Requesting a Financial Aid Estimate

The Financial Aid Office allows students to request a financial aid estimate for a study abroad financial aid package at any time, including before you apply to the program. The Financial Aid Office will review the program's total cost, whether it be a Study Abroad Quarter Cost or a Study Abroad Semester Cost, and will adjust your financial aid package accordingly for your estimate.

Additional Financial Aid

Your parent may apply for Federal Direct PLUS Loan or you may consider private alternative loan money. Santa Clara University cannot offer or increase any grant or scholarship.

Tuition Remission

Tuition Remission is a benefit to graduate students holding a Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, or Program/Project Assistant appointment to help alleviate the cost of tuition. The tuition charges, although not segregated fees are waived for eligible graduate students. Tuition Remission is available for all undergraduate and graduate courses offered in any term at the University, excluding ancillary or continuing education courses, and the executive MBA program. Tuition Remission does not include other costs such as books, laboratory, application, service, and other fees. All charges other than tuition must be paid to the University in the same manner as required of other students.

All questions about tuition remission should be directed to Georgina Santiago (