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The Study Abroad Process at Santa Clara

Students must apply directly to Santa Clara University to study or intern abroad on approved programs that allow them to earn SCU credit and utilize their financial aid while abroad. Applications must be complete at the time of submission or they will not be reviewed. Deadlines are also final. Extensions will not be granted for class, work, travel, event conflict, or student error.

Our advisers are dedicated to showing students how to identify program preferences that align with their academic, personal, and professional goals. As they navigate the study abroad process, we can also help provide the preparation necessary to excel once they arrive on-site.

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Your First Steps

  1. Register here to complete the mandatory Get Started Advising Series in Camino. This course provides you with a comprehensive overview of questions to consider, eligibility requirements, and the application materials you'll be required to complete. You will also be able to sign up for our Application Newsletter to stay up-to-date on all things study abroad, including deadline reminders.

Advising Resources

Virtual Support

You can connect with our advisors by emailing us at or using our Virtual Support button on the right-hand corner of our website. Our Virtual Support operates from 9AM to 12PM and 1PM to 4PM (PT) Mon - Fri.

Advising Hours

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You can view our remaining Advising Hours in the mandatory Get Started Advising Series in Camino.

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Phase 1: SCU Application Deadlines
Fall 2024 & Winter + Spring 2025 Programs

Due on December 14, 2023 by 11:59 pm (PST)

Summer 2024 Programs

Due on February 1, 2024 by 11:59 pm (PST)

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The study abroad application process is sometimes competitive during the fall, winter, and spring terms meaning that not every eligible student will have their application nominated for approval. Applications that are approved are referred to as nominated. The number of applicant nominations varies from year to year, but the University is committed to sending approximately one-third of juniors abroad.

Factors that are considered in the nominations each year include number of applicants, the Study Abroad Application Reviewers’ recommendations, program financials, and program enrollment capacities. Individual programs have set enrollment capacities and may be internally competitive. Most programs have a cap of 30 as the maximum limit for any program in one term while SCU partner exchange programs may vary annually based on allotted spaces provided to SCU by the host institutions.

Summer study abroad is not competitive.

Applications officially open on the first day of fall quarter every year for global programs during the next academic year. Before a student begins an application, they'll first need to identify their program preferences. 

How to Start Your Application Instructions

Students may apply for one program during a summer, fall, winter, or spring term. Because there is a competitive nature to study abroad at Santa Clara University during these terms, students have the option to list additional program preferences they wish to be considered for within their application to increase their chances of receiving a nomination to a global program.

Summer study or intern abroad programs are not competitive. This means so long as a student meets the eligibility requirements and submits a complete application by the deadline, they will be nominated to participate. 

Application Materials include:

  1. 4 Year Course Plan for Santa Clara University
  2. Proposed Academic Plan for a student's term abroad. A Proposed Academic Plan is required for each program preference a student wishes to be considered for during the application review process.
  3. Essay Questions

Students will learn more about application materials, including how to complete them, in the mandatory Get Started Advising Series in Camino.

Each application is read and evaluated by a review committee of trained Santa Clara faculty and staff from across campus using the assigned application criteria and essay grading rubric. Global Engagement staff evaluate every application to verify eligibility requirements.

After the evaluation period concludes, each application receives a recommendation from the review committee. We nominate as many eligible applications as the education abroad program budget allows. While GPA is a component that is reviewed as part of an applicant's submission, applications are not ranked by GPA. 

Yes! We understand how important it is for current students to hear from previous students (we refer to study abroad alumni as "returnees"). We've built the Student Experiences section of our website to connect you with former students through a variety of ways, including our podcast: Abroaden Your Horizons, student spotlights, and even a Returnee Database where you can contact them directly. 

Explore Students Experiences & Contact Returnees

Students nominated to study or intern abroad are required to submit a program-specific application to the program they were nominated for. Students must submit a Phase 2 application by their program's application deadline in order to participate the program. Deadlines will vary. 

Learn More About Phase 2 & What to Expect