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Returning from Abroad

Preparing for Return and Welcome Home!

Welcome Back!  Returning home after studying abroad can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming.  Below are information and resources that can help you with your transition back to your life at home and at SCU, including recommendations for how to keep your international experience alive.

Important Returnee Information

Congratulations on completing an unforgettable adventure! Some of you have already come by the Global Engagement Office to share stories, photographs, and travel adventures. We know that you have had exciting, traumatic, wonderful, sad, funny, unforgettable, and – most of all – enriching experiences. We also know that there can be challenges to readjusting to life at “home.” 

Understanding Cultural Readjustment

Coming home is part of a complete cycle that includes leaving, settling overseas, and returning. There is more for students to consider beyond the bare logistics of the move. Returning students know the language, the ways to get things done, and, most likely, they will be returning to family, friends, and a familiar setting. What they may not be aware of is the degree to which they have been changed by the experience and now carry a whole new load of cultural baggage.

Post-Graduate Opportunities

There are a variety of ways to go abroad or away after you have graduated. Even on a tight budget, work, volunteer, internship, and teaching English abroad opportunities are readily available to you. 

GEO Photo Contest

Share your favorite photos from around the globe with your fellow Broncos during the GEO Photo Contest!



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