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Returning from Abroad

Welcome Back, #scuBroncosAbroad!

Returning home after studying abroad can be exciting and sometimes overwhelming.  The process of readjusting to life at home after living an exciting adventure overseas is not easy. It’s made even harder by the fact that most of us don’t expect to have trouble readapting. We are excited to see our friends and can’t wait to share all our amazing stories. Soon enough, real life starts to set in. We feel bored by being at home. We realize others don’t fully understand the experiences we had while abroad. We start to see how much we've changed and have difficulty connecting with others in the same way as before.

The process of re-entry is every bit as important as our actual study abroad program itself. Reflecting on what we've learned, discovering how we've changed, connecting with others who share similar interests, and finding ways to integrate our experience into our life and studies will help us make the most of the time we spent overseas. Check out the information and resources below that can help you with your transition back to your life at home and at SCU, including recommendations for how to keep your international experience alive.

Returnee Welcome Week

During Returnee Welcome Week, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about other global opportunities at SCU, connect with helpful resources on campus, vote in the Global Engagement Photo Contest, and pick-up your free graduation sash if you placed an order. View our full line-up of events and register today!

Event Line-Up & Registration

Returnee Workbook
Re-Entry Guide & Workbook

(scu login credentials required for access)

To prepare you for re-entry, we created a Returnee Workbook that will help you identify challenges of the re-entry process, and develop strategies for adjustment. It was also help you:

  • Understand the concepts of re-entry and cultural transitions 
  • Learn more about courses/transcripts
  • Reflect on the ways in which your international experiences may have reshaped or redefined your values, beliefs, and goals
  • Recognize transferable skills gained from studying abroad and how to showcase those skills to future employers
  • Review opportunities to go abroad again

We hope you'll take some time to utilize the Re-Entry Workbook to prepare yourself for your return, and reflect on your experiences abroad while easing the transition back into “normal” life. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out at

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