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  • Summit Success

    The first Latino Education Summit: Silicon Valley started a conversation about the challenges, opportunities, and promises of the educational pipeline for Latino children, parents, and the working poor.

  • Laudato Si' as a “Charter Document” for Santa Clara University

    Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities - Connections

    From the moment it was issued last year, Laudato Si' has served as a sort of charter document for elevating and moving Santa Clara University forward across all disciplines in our commitment to climate justice. It continues to be a great unifying document for our University: offering a wisdom to us that this commitment must be truly inclusive of every unit at the University, in the same way that Pope Francis’ call for an integrated ecology speaks not just to those engaged in sustainability, but to each and every human inhabitant of our common home.

  • Why I Took Refuge in a Subway Station

    Former Donovan Fellow Tanya Schmidt, '12, shares a recent life experience. "I went to a subway station and found shelter on a bench, next to a homeless man who either had the same thought or had no other option.

  • Is There a Common Good in Our Common Home?

    Santa Clara University’s Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education will present lectures, speakers, and podcasts exploring the “common good” in today’s racial, economic, gender, and environmental concerns.

  • Childhood Promise

    Jean Donovan Fellow Sergio Olmedo-Ramirez writes of returning to his hometown in Puebla, Mexico

  • André Delbecq - Rest in Peace

    The Ignatian Center and the SCU community mourn the passing of Andre Delbecq, longtime member of the SCU community, Senior Fellow in the Ignatian Center, and an Ignatian companion on the journey.

  • Hal and Yolanda Tilbury's Impactful Gift

    The Ignatian Center is very grateful for the financial generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Tilbury. More importantly, however, we are humbled by their commitment, their passion, and their partnership with the Ignatian Center and Santa Clara University.

  • Seeing the World Through A New Lens

    Q&A with Jenna Salinas

    SCU senior Jenna Salinas never considered herself a spiritual person. A double major in Political Science and Spanish, she grew up in Chico, California and attended public school her entire life. It wasn’t until she attended SCU and traveled on her first Immersion trip that Jenna began to see spirituality – and the world – through a new lens.

  • Reflections of a Self-Proclaimed Talker

    Q&A with Srisruthi Ramesh

    Sri Ramesh, 2017 SCU graduate, finds herself in a place of reflection. It’s a surprising place to be, for this self-proclaimed “talker,” but it’s where she often lives since going on her first immersion trip the summer after her freshman year.

  • Expanding the Definition of Community

    After graduating, Lena Eyen '17 chose to join the Jesuit Volunteer Corps to continue fostering her interest in environmental studies. She credits her immersion trip experiences in Appalachia for playing an essential role in shaping her education and postgraduate pursuits.