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Changing Paths, Changing the World

Q&A with Anthony Hascheff '15

Anthony Hascheff '15
Anthony Hascheff with buildings in background

After graduating from SCU with a degree in Finance, Anthony Hascheff '15 chose a different path and volunteered with the Peace Corps for 18 months. Now pursuing his Master's in Public Administration from Columbia University, Anthony attributes this change in direction to his time with the Ignatian Center's Thriving Neighbors program.

How did you become involved with the Ignatian Center and in what capacity?

I went on two immersion trips while at SCU, one to the San Francisco Tenderloin and one to West Oakland. However, I really got involved when I received an email saying that Thriving Neighbors was looking for an intern. I applied and the rest is history.


How did that involvement impact your time at SCU? Your personal life?

It had a major impact. The immersion trips and especially my time with Thriving Neighbors were the highlights of my time at SCU. My internship with Thriving Neighbors directly influenced my career path as I decided to join the Peace Corps after graduation rather than pursue a career in finance (my degree).


Did your involvement with the Ignatian Center impact your decision for post graduate studies or future vocation? How?

I am pursuing a Master's in Public Administration from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. The program has a strong focus on development and service. I always thought that I would pursue an MBA, but this degree allows me to build the same skill set with a social (and international) focus. This was directly influenced by time with Thriving Neighbors. 


Anthony Hascheff '15 in Paraguay with friends

What have you been doing since graduation?

My story is a little interesting. After graduation I spent three months traveling around the United States as I waited to head to Paraguay for the Peace Corps. I then spent 2.5 years in rural Paraguay working on community/economic development, a similar role I had with Thriving Neighbors. Afterwards, I applied to grad school and spent 6 months traveling through South America, learning each country's diverse culture and history as well as Portuguese.



Has your past involvement with the Ignatian Center continued to impact your current situation, decisions, plans? How?

Thanks to my involvement with the Ignatian Center I know I want to pursue a career that has a social impact. I want to influence my community, my country, and this world in a positive way. 

Anthony and class


How do you hope to use your Master’s degree? What are your plans for the future?

I am still figuring this out and that's part of the Master’s degree process. I am taking diverse classes and talking to a lot of interesting professionals. Right now, I am interested in either international development in Latin America (Interamerican Development Bank) or moving back to the Bay Area and working for a community development finance institution.




What would you say to an SCU student about getting involved in our programs? 

GET INVOLVED! Do as many as these extra-curricular activities as you can. They form your career path and who you are as a human being. I couldn't suggest it more forcefully.

Anthony Hascheff