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"having been told that the world rested on a platform which rested on the back of an elephant which rested in turn on the back of a turtle, [someone] asked... what did the turtle rest on? Another turtle. And that turtle? 'Ah... after that it is turtles all the way down.'"

Clifford Geertz 

Assistant Director for Data Visualization and Communications

Stacy Connolly

Data Mart Manager & Reporting Specialist

John Regan

Data Steward and Survey Coordinator

Jia Seow

Student Assistants

Data/Research Analyst

Megan Baldemor

Data Conversion and Audit Rules Specialist

Yash Patil

Data Conversion and Audit Rules Specialist

Yongkang Chen



Cindy Kuo


Maddison Hall

Walsh Admin Building

Santa Clara University

Office of Institutional Research

Walsh Administration Building