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    Information about admissions considerations, acceptance rates, admissions yeilds, SAT and ACT scores.

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    Completions by field of study, award level, recipient race/ethnicity and gender. Completers by race/ethnicity, gender, and age. 

  • Enrollment

    Fall Enrollment

    12-Month Enrollment

    Full- and part-time enrollment by level, race/ethnicity, and gender; residence and high school graduation status of first-time undergraduate students; student age, retention rates, student-to-faculty ratio, and students enrolled in distance education. 

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    Revenues by sources (tuition and fees, government grants and contracts, private gifts), expenses by function, assets and liabilities, scholarships and fellowships. 

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    Financial Aid

    Number of undergraduates awarded financial aid and amounts awarded, counts of undergraduates and graduate students recieving military education benefits. 

  • Graduation Rates

    Graduation Rates

    200% Graduation Rates

    Outcome Measures

    Number of students entering the institution as full-time, first-time degree seeking students by race/ethnicity and gender; number of students completing their program within 6 years by race/ethnicity and gender; number of students who transferred to other institutions. 

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    Human Resources

    Employees by primary occupational activity, faculty status, full- and part-time status; full-time instructional staff by academic rank, gender, and contract length/teaching period; full-time instructional faculty by rank, gender, length of contract/teaching period, and salary outlays. 

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    Institutional Characteristics

    Basic institutional contact information; student services information; tuition/fees and other student charges; control or affiliation; type of calendar system; and levels of awards and types of programs offered.

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    Use the Data

    Information about IPEDS and how to use the data.

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    Data Feedback Reports

    The IPEDS Data Feedback Reports provide comparison statistics for SCU and a group of similar institutions. See our Data Feedback Report viewbook for historical reports from SCU.