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Survey of Recent Graduates



Data are as of census and are presented by graduating class year.

Survey of Recent Graduates - Cluster; data are an unduplicated count of academic plans (presented as a percent of total) at the university level.

Survey of Recent Graduates - Plan; data are an unduplicated count of academic plans (presented as a percent of total) within the cluster.


  • The survey instrument is administered online to all Undergraduate graduates with known, valid e-mail addresses (typically 96 to 99 percent of the graduating cohort)



The Survey of Recent Graduates visualizations (cluster/plan) collects information about the respondents' employment and graduate school status. The survey also includes Likert-type attitude items on Santa Clara services and programming. 

Special Notes

  • Responses from graduates who completed multiple majors/degrees are reported under each cluster in which an award was earned.
  • Graduates entering as first-time students respond at a higher rate than transfers, as do women compared to men. However, weighted responses yield no significant differences with unweighted results; all data presented are unweighted.
  • Since response distributions on this survey tend to be skewed, the confidence interval is estimated at the 75% mark; so that if 75% of the class of 2007-2008 marked a response, the confidence interval (e.g. margin of error) would be +/- 3.08 percent. Aggregating over class year reduces the margin of error.
  • Typical response rates of about 39.5 percent yield a profile that is representative of graduates by college/school, , sex, and ethnicity/race.
  • This survey has been administered to each class since 2008 with only minor variation over time.
    • To counter declining response rates, the Survey of Recent Graduates was significantly revised for the Class of 2020 to be of shorter length and re-formatted to be mobile-friendly. As such, questions were eliminated or reformatted, though the survey continues to comply with NACE First Destination standards. Questions that were dropped still present responses from prior years, but show no entry for the Class of 2020.

  • Responses from graduates who complete multiple majors/degrees are reported under each  in which an award was earned; responses are unduplicated at the university level.
  • Unless otherwise noted, questions were posed to all respondents and the summary data reflects all responses received.

SRG Response Rate