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Event Information

Aside from our normal liturgical events, the Mission can also host certain artistic and cultural events that are in line with the nature of the University and Mission Santa Clara as a Roman Catholic church.  This may include choral and orchestral concerts or other traditional events/presentations, provided they reflect the Mission's religious nature and/or season of the liturgical year.  Choose from the menu below for more information on scheduling an event, a list of upcoming events, or parking restrictions for events.

If you're interested in having Mission Santa Clara host your event, call the Mission Office to verify that the date and time you're interested in are available.  A tentative 30 day hold can be placed on that date while you firm up the details for your official application.  Once you've placed a tentative reservation with us, a simple 3-step process needs to be followed:

 Step 1: Fill out the appropriate application and submit it to the Mission Office.

If you're applying for a concert or a mass, use the dedicated concert or mass applications.  All other events should use the General Event Application.

Step 2: Pay your deposit.
If you're application is approved, you'll receive an approval letter, contract, and invoice from our office.  A $250.00 non-refundable deposit and signed contract are due within 30 days of approval.  Failure to submit these items to our office by their due date will result in automatic release of your reservation from our schedule. 

Step 3: Submit remaining balance and any outstanding documentation.
Your remaining balance due and any outstanding documentation (i.e. Certificate of Liability Insurance) must be submitted to our office no less than 3 months before your scheduled event.  Failure to submit these items to our office by their due date will result in automatic release of your reservation from our schedule.

Once our office has received all required payments and forms, there is little else to do but let your audience or congregation enjoy what you've put together for them.  


In addition to being a historic worship space, Mission Santa Clara is host to numerous non-liturgical events throughout the year as well.  While this landmark venue is first and foremost a student chapel for Santa Clara University, certain events that are appropriate for the space can also be held here.  Call the Mission Office to inquire about availability.

Tue - Jun 6 Chanticleer - 8pm
For tickets and information, please visit
Fri - Jun 9 SCU Choir Concert - 7:30pm
For tickets and information, visit
Sat - Jun 10 The Choral Project - 8pm
For tickets and information, visit

Please remember that University parking restrictions are fully enforced during the following hours:

Monday –Friday: 6am to 8pm

Saturday – Sunday: No Restrictions


Guests to the University can park in either of 2 University owned and operated parking structures:

  1. Main Parking Structure: 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95053
  2. North Parking Structure: 1063 Alviso Street, Santa Clara, CA 95053


Parking on the Santa Clara University Campus is restricted as per the rules and regulations
stated within the “Parking and Traffic Plan” found on the web at

Questions or concerns regarding this document should be directed to SCU Campus Safety at 408-554-4441.


During Enforceable Hours:

  • Stop at the El Camino Real guard kiosk to secure a FREE Visitor’s Permit to park in either garage.
  • If you choose to bypass the guard kiosk, pay stations are available in both Parking Structure.
  • Valid parking permits must be displayed during enforceable hours to avoid parking citations/fines.
  • Permits are NOT required during non-enforceable hours (Saturdays and Sundays).
  • Follow all posted signage and instructions to avoid citations and/or fines.

For your reference, feel free to download/print our Parking Reference Guide.