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Placement & Proficiency Testing

Placement Exam

You need to take a placement test if you are going to take an SCU language course in a language that you learned at home or that you studied in school prior to coming to SCU. There is no pass or fail to this test, and your results will not serve to satisfy the SCU Core Language requirement. However, this result will indicate the appropriate course where you can begin to satisfy your Core Language requirement.

Incoming Students are those who will be going through Orientation in Summer 2018 as new 1st year / transfer students and will start at the university in Fall 2018. 

Continuing Students are those who have already begun taking courses at the university.

Please select the Placement Exam below that corresponds to your situation...


Incoming Student-Placement Exam Continuing Student-Placement Exam

Proficiency Exam

Proficiency exams are available on a limited basis to students who have already developed a significant level of proficiency in a language other than English and who wish to demonstrate this proficiency to satisfy the SCU Core Language requirement.

This exam is for continuing students only, meaning you must have started taking classes at SCU in order to register for this exam.

Register for the Proficiency Exam