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  • Being A Bronco Series: Diversity and Inclusion

    The Being A Bronco Series is a 4 part series that helps to transition new students into the Santa Clara University (SCU) community. The information students gain from this series will help them to positively navigate their time at SCU.

    Online Diversity Module (ODM): After Orientation and prior to starting school in the Fall, students are challenged to explore their values, assumptions, and biases that may perpetuate injustice or oppress others. This is done virtually through the Online Diversity Module (ODM). Various modules challenges the concept of neutrality and colorblind ideologies; provides students responses to microaggressions; and allows for a deeper examination of the nature of institutional oppression, power, and privilege.

    Embrace: A couple of weeks after students arrive on campus, students embrace the concepts of inclusion and social justice by openly identifying and discussing issues around cultural differences. Students are tasked in becoming advocates for social change to help make the campus climate at SCU more inclusive and equitable. Students are introduced to the dangers of aversive racism and develop a personal commitment to social justice and combatting oppression.

    To learn more about the Being a Bronco Series, click on the title link where you can learn more about the other parts of the series as well as the other offices that help facilitate this meaningful program.

  • Difficult Dialogues

    OML’s Difficult Dialogue series (or 3D: Digital Difficult Dialogue, which happens via Zoom) is intended to bring various unique perspectives from across campus to engage in important political and controversial issues. The goal of this series is to freely discuss issues that impact the SCU, local, and global community. We strive to create a safe and brave space in which communal learning can occur.

  • word on the street: An OML & RRC Podcast

    Check out OML and RRC's podcast, word on the street, where our Student Inclusion Educators discuss contemporary social justice issues and other trending topics!

    You can find us on the following platforms: