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Striving for Inclusive Excellence


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    Difficult Dialogues

    OML’s Difficult Dialogue series is intended to bring various unique perspectives from across campus to engage in important political and controversial issues. The goal of this series is to freely discuss issues that impact the SCU, local, and global community. We strive to create a safer space in which communal learning can occur.

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    Perspectives Committee

    Perspectives is a committee of students, staff and faculty who facilitate diversity workshops that aim to help our students shift their perspectives, gain diverse knowledge, and build multicultural skills. Interested in joining the committee? Email Or Request a Workshop.

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    Word on the Street: An OML Podcast

    Check out OML's podcast, Word on the Street, where Kaylyn and Parisa (two of our student assistants) talk about contemporary social issues and other trending topics!

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    Diversity and Inclusion Series

    Establish: Jesuit and Ignatian perspective on Inclusion and Social Justice explain how gender, class, race, ethnicity, language, nationality, sexual orientation, age, religion or spirituality, and disability and ability affect individuals and their experience. Recognize their behavior and its impact on others.

    Explore: Challenge and shift their own values, assumptions, and biases that may perpetuate injustice or oppress others. Challenge neutrality and colorblind ideologies. Respond to microaggressions and examine the nature of institutional oppression, power, and privilege.

    Embrace: Identify and openly discuss cultural differences and issues. Explore campus climate at SCU. Introduce students to the dangers of aversive racism. Advocate for diversity and inclusion. Develop a personal commitment to creating social change and combating oppression.

OML Bulletin Boards

The purpose of the Office for Multicultural Learning's Bulletin Boards is to raise awareness about important issues related to diversity and inclusion. They are educational tools that we want to make available to the Santa Clara community. Please fill out the checkout form to help OML keep track of which Bulletin Boards are being used in the RLC's. For the checkout form click here.

Bulletin Board Samples

For a full description of each bulletin board click here.