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Orientation 2022
Get the information and tools you need to explore your new environment,
access important resources, and engage with your peers.
Your growth as a Bronco starts here!

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The Orientation experience includes a set of online tools including Camino, Comevo, and BroncoExchange.

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Navigate here to Registration

Registration instructions for Academic Advising & Course Enrollment sessions as well as fee information.

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Navigate here to Requirements

A summary of requirements for Orientation due between your admission acceptance to your first quarter of classes.

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Navigate here to Newsletters

Bronco Prep Guides are email newsletters with information, deadlines, and resources for all new students and parents.

Orientation 2022

Information as of August 26, 2022

All new students (first year students and transfer students) are required to participate in all parts of Orientation which also includes academic advising and course enrollment. Orientation entails engaging with fellow students, registering for classes, learning about our academic and co-curricular programs, and obtaining information about how you can get involved with the Santa Clara community.

Parents and other family members are encouraged (not required) to participate in Orientation through sessions designed specifically for them. We will introduce parents and other family members to the values, goals, and practices of Santa Clara as well as share resources about our academic programs and student services.

Click here to view a full overview of the Orientation experience.

New Student Move-In & Welcome Weekend

New Student Move-In and Welcome Weekend will be September 15-18, 2022 (Thursday-Sunday). All new students include first year students and transfer students. Families are encouraged but not required to attend.

Fall classes begin on Monday, September 19.

See more details on the Welcome Weekend website:

The Bronco Book

The Bronco Book is a guide for new students and families with information about SCU resources including university departments, student services, and campus map

  • Click the following link for a PDF version that you can download now: Bronco Book 2022 (revised).
  • We will have print versions available during New Student Move-In and Welcome Weekend (September 15-18).

Additional Details

For the sections below, click on each topic to expand the content box for more details.

Information about Orientation 2022 for new students beginning enrollment in September 2022 can be found in the following sections of this website:

Please note the following dates for moving to campus in September, for Welcome Weekend, and for the first day of fall classes. Information is for all new students which include first year students and transfer students.

September 15
Residence hall move-in begins for new students and their families, including move-in assistance from volunteers. Social activities will be available for all new students whether they move into their residence halls on September 15 or commute from home.

September 16-17
Residence hall move-in continues for new students and their families. We invite new students and their families who could not move in on September 15 to move in during these dates. Move-in assistance will be available. All new students should plan to move in by 12:00pm on September 17 to be able to fully participate in Welcome Weekend activities. Social activities will be available for all new students whether they move into their residence halls on September 16 or commute from home.

September 17-18
Welcome Weekend.

September 19
First day of fall classes.

Full Schedule
View the full schedule at the following website:

All new students who are assigned to campus housing for this fall received an email on August 2 letting them know they can log into their housing portal to view their residence hall and room assignment.

  • The confirmation page includes their room, roommate name, roommate email, and four digit mailbox number.
  • Various resources are available on our SCU Housing website which we hope students and families will find helpful as they prepare to make their way to campus.
  • Specific move-in times are being finalized and the Housing Office will email move-in information by mid-August.

Questions? Contact the Housing Office at or 408-554-4900.

All new international students without a U.S. passport must request immigration documents from the Global Engagement Office upon confirmation of attendance. For more information, contact the International Students & Scholars Program within the Global Engagement Office at

In addition to Orientation, all new international students who do not hold a U.S. passport are also required to participate in the International Student Welcome hosted by the International Student & Scholars Program within the Global Engagement Office.

Click here to learn more about International Student Welcome.

Webinars are now available for parents and families of new students to register for and attend. These online sessions provide parents and families with opportunities to learn about essential SCU services and programs that support students during their time in college.

Click here to view the webinar details and schedule.

Information about New Student Move-In and Welcome Weekend are starting to become available. New Student Move-In is on September 15 and 16 then Welcome Weekend is September 17 and 18. Fall classes begin on September 19.

Click here to view New Student Move-In and Welcome Weekend details and schedule.

Tedd Vanadilok
Center for Student Involvement

Lori Salazar
Associate Director
Center for Student Involvement

Cameron Barrilleaux
Assistant Director for New Student & Parent Programs
Center for Student Involvement

Student Staff

Student Assistants:

  • Maddy Javier
  • Nathalie Medina
  • Alex Perez

Leadership Team:

  • Taylor Kealoha
  • Olivia Owens
  • Jaden Raymundo

Orientation Leaders:

  • Caroline Chen
  • Madeline Coquilla
  • Edric Dabu
  • Disha Garg
  • Victor Liu
  • Dayana Lopez Guevara
  • Ryan Masli
  • Chisomaga Nlemigbo
  • Caroline Seaman
  • Sydney Shelby
  • Danny Walsh
  • Hydeia Wysinger
  • Kathryn Yambao
  • Alex Zabalza
  • Kayla Zapata


Updates & Announcements

Math Advance Pilot Program

Students who take the Calculus Readiness Exam (CRE) by June 15, 2022 will be considered for the Math Advance pilot program. Math Advance is a free 3 week online program offered this August to help a small group of students get off to a strong start in their university math sequence and to make some human connections with experienced SCU math student partners before the school year begins.

There are two sections of Math Advance:

  • Math Advance Calculus is designed for students who are just short of the cutoff for being eligible to take calculus in the fall and will help bring those students over the threshold.
  • Math Advance Precalculus is designed for students who will be taking Precalculus in the fall, but could benefit from some extra practice and instruction in skills and concepts from high school math.

More details can be found at the Mathematics & Computer Science Department website.


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Are you looking to engage with the Bronco community? Join us online at BroncoExchange!

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Learn what you love. Discover yourself. Be brave, strong, giving, and compassionate. Be a part of a community that nourishes you, challenges you, and allows you to be who you want to be. We invite you to invent the life you want to lead.

Innovation at SCU

Grow through mentorship, research, and hands-on learning. The possibilities of academic life in Silicon Valley are limitless. We invite you to take critical thinking to the next level. Be curious. Be challenged. Be an innovator.

A Bronco Legacy

As an NCAA Division 1 school, SCU gave Steve Nash the opportunity to leave his home in Canada, launch his collegiate basketball career, and discover one of his favorite places in the world, the Bay Area.

Academic Programs and Opportunities

Watch live recordings and hear from students, faculty, and staff members on programs and opportunities available at SCU.

A Day in the Life

Find out what a day in the life of a current SCU student is like through these student takeovers that were originally posted on our Snapchat and Instagram accounts.

We Are SCU

Broncos are ambitious problem-solvers. They care about the world around them. In this series, We Are SCU, hear student ambassadors share their Santa Clara University stories.

Orientation Resources

Bronco Prep Guides

Click here to view more information about our Bronco Prep Guides which is an email newsletter series sent to all new students, parents, and families with welcome messages, information, deadlines, and online resources.

Travel & Accommodations

Click here for resources on travel and accommodations including campus maps, parking information, car rental discount, and hotel room blocks.

Prepared SCU

Click here to view the University's comprehensive health and safety plan for the entire SCU community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to stay up to date on student health and safety news and information related to COVID-19, vaccines, housing, dining, and more.