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The Orientation website is updated frequently so please refresh your web browser each time you visit a page within the website to make sure you are getting the most up-to-date information.

Information as of January 19, 2024

Orientation 2024

New students (first year students and transfer students) beginning enrollment in September 2024 are required to participate in all parts of Orientation which entails engaging with fellow students, registering for classes, learning about our academic and co-curricular programs, and obtaining information about how you can get involved with the Santa Clara community.

Components of Orientation

Orientation has the following main components (see more details below in subsequent sections):

  • An in-person Orientation session in July for first year students and in August for transfer students.
  • Academic advising and course enrollment take place during the in-person Orientation session.
  • Several academic and support services departments will send emails during the spring and summer to new students with critical details related to academics, housing, and health.
  • Bronco Prep Guides is a series of email newsletters to all new students and parents with welcome messages, information, deadlines, and online resources to help prepare them for Orientation, Move-In, Welcome Weekend, and the transition to college.
  • There are a list of requirements for each new student to complete by specified deadlines.
  • Campus Life Learning Modules are online modules that new students must complete in the late summer before they start fall classes.
  • Our Orientation Leaders use an online platform called BroncoExchange for new students to connect with classmates and other students through virtual meeting spaces that are fun, engaging, and informative.

Parents & Families

Parents and other family members are encouraged (not required) to participate in Orientation through sessions designed specifically for them. We will introduce parents and other family members to the values, goals, and practices of Santa Clara as well as share resources about our academic programs and student services.

For More Information

Phone: 408-551-1995