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The Orientation website is updated frequently so please refresh your web browser each time you visit a page within the website to make sure you are getting the most up-to-date information.

Information as of May 14, 2024

Orientation 2024

All new students (first year students and transfer students) beginning enrollment in September 2024 are required to register for an in-person session which includes academic advising and course enrollment.

IMPORTANT: New students will not be able to register for their fall classes without attending one of these required in-person sessions.


Session dates for first year students:

  • Session 1: July 15-16
  • Session 2: July 18-19
  • Session 3: July 22-23
  • Session 4: July 25-26
  • Session 5: July 29-30
  • Session 6: September 19

Session dates for transfer students:

  • Session 1: August 27
  • Session 2: August 29

Additional dates to know:

  • New Student Move-In: September 20
  • Welcome Weekend: September 21-22
  • Fall Classes Begin: September 23

Online Registration

Online registration for summer in-person Orientation sessions is now live! To register, use the same login you used to check your admission process. Click the red button below to register!

  • If you do not recall your password, you can reset it.
  • Although not required for parents and/or other family members, they are welcome to attend Orientation and participate in the parent/family schedule of the session you select. You may register them at the same time as when you register yourself.
  • Remember, academic advising and course registration will take place during the in-person Orientation session that you select to attend.
  • For first year students attending the day-and-a-half sessions in July, there is an overnight component at Swig Residence Hall.
  • There is no overnight component for the single-day sessions in August (transfer students) and September (first year students).

Earlier vs. Later Sessions

Seats in many of our courses have been reserved for our new students. These seats are equally divided between the Orientation sessions listed above. So whether a student comes in July or September, they will have the same chance of enrolling in the available courses.

During the Orientation sessions, academic advisors will be assisting students with enrollment and students will leave with courses that fulfill requirements. Students do need to be open-minded and willing to try out new areas of learning that they have not experienced before. It may actually lead to new major and/or minor options.


Registration fees for Orientation and Welcome Weekend are as follows:

  • First Year Students = $405 per student
  • Transfer Students = $295 per student
  • Parents, Other Family & Guests = $35 per person
  • Free for children 12 years and younger

What Do Fees Cover?

Fees cover staffing, meals, materials, publications, and activities during Orientation and Welcome Weekend.

Fee Waivers

Students must be Pell Grant-eligible in order to receive a fee waiver.

  • Students who are Pell Grant-eligible will automatically receive the fee waiver so there is no need to request a waiver.
  • Also, students must accept their financial aid packages first before a fee waiver can be fully processed.
  • The fee waiver is for the Orientation & Welcome Weekend Fee only.

Important Note About Payment

Fees are billed to each student's SCU account under the Bursar Office. For students who are beginning enrollment in September 2024:

  • Fall billing statements will be available in the student's Workday portal account starting August 1.
  • The payment deadline for this bill is August 21.
  • Please contact the One Stop at 408-551-1000 or email with payment questions.

Students can also grant access to other Authorized Payers to view and use the online bill/pay system. Authorized Payers can be parents and other family, essentially whoever is responsible for paying bills for a student.

Financial Aid

Students need to accept their financial aid award in their Workday portal so it appears on their bill.

For More Information

Phone: 408-551-1995

Register for Orientation!