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Striving for Inclusive Excellence

Funding & Grants

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    Multicultural Learning Grants

    Grants are now open for 2018-2019 academic year!

    The Multicultural Learning Grants are sponsored by the Office for Multicultural Learning and the Erkman Endowment Fund. These grants focus on collaborative efforts to enhance multicultural learning and education at SCU and on SCU campus. For a sample of an ideal proposal click here. All awarded grants are reimbursements, after the event has occurred and proper forms have been submitted.   

    For STUDENTS, the goal of the funding is to support students and student organizations in creating programs and projects designed in collaboration with more than one other cultural organization, designed to outreach to a diverse audience, and/or designed with a focus on multicultural education. These grants are capped at $350. Before submitting your application, email to set up an interest meeting. Apply here.

    For FACULTY and STAFF, the financial resources generated from this fund should be directed to academic discourse and public conversation that specifically, intentionally, and equally addresses the understanding and inclusion of those most often marginalized by their ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and/or physical and mental abilities. These grants are capped at $500.  Apply here.

    Due dates:

    Wednesday October 10, 2018

    Wednesday November 7, 2018

    Wednesday January 16, 2019

    Wednesday February 6, 2019

    Wednesday March 6, 2019

    Wednesday April 10, 2019

    Wednesday May 1, 2019 (No grants will be accepted after May 1)

    *Grants will not be accepted for events happening after May 31st, 2019.

    MLG Process

    1. Students Only: Set up a mandatory MLG Interest Meeting with an OML staff member by emailing
    2. Students Only: Attend a mandatory MLG Interest Meeting with a draft of your proposal. Bring a paper copy so that it may be reviewed by an OML staff member. Please refer to the sample proposal in the link above.
    3. Students, Faculty and Staff submit the online MLG form by the due date posted above
    4. OML staff reviews MLG proposal
    5. Award Letter is sent via email to the applicant within 2 weeks
    6. Event occurs
    7. Applicant turns in receipts 1 week after the event as stated in the Award Letter
    8. Applicant turns in a Final Report 2 weeks after the event as stated in the Award Letter
    9. Once all receipts and the Final Report are received, OML will process grant reimbursement

    **OML is not responsible for processing honorarium forms, contracts, reserving rooms, etc.**

    Updated 1/10/2019