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Outside Scholarships

Santa Clara University currently maintains a list of private and outside scholarships for any student to apply to.

These scholarships are not reviewed or are granted by any Santa Clara University department, individual, groups of individuals, or use Santa Clara University funding.

Each link below will redirect you to an outside website that can manage these scholarships. We recommend everyone to read each scholarships description, restrictions, funding, and deadlines. 


Popular Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarship Searches should be FREE. Any outside agency that request money is most likely a scam.
Student Scholarship Search
Scholarship 360
The Dream.US
Scholarship America
SWE Scholarships for Women
Going Merry

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Innovation In Education Scholarship

Amount: $500 each month
Apply Here
Deadline: 15th of each month


Sport Light Supply Healthy Lifestyle & Light Pollution Scholarship

Amount: $2,000 
Apply Here
Deadline: 6/30/2023 & 12/31/2023 (Realign, Inc.) Diverse Abilities Quarterly Scholarship

Amount: $1000
Apply Here 
Deadline: 1/1/2024


American Council of Engineering Companies of California (ACEC California) Scholarship

Amount: varies
Apply Here 
Deadline: 1/26/2024


Design Your Signature Hat Contest!

Amount: $500, $300, $200
Apply Here
Deadline: 3/29/2024


Realcozy Scholarship

Amount: $1000
Apply Here 
Deadline: 3/31/2024