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The HUB Writing Center

The HUB: Think. Write. Speak.

Make an appointment


Make an appointment by logging into our system, clicking on a time you want, and filling out the pop-up form. Appointments can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Share details about the writing project or assignment (you can upload prompts and rubrics via our appointment portal) and can include a Google doc link when making your appointment.

In-person/Face-to-Face meetings

Make an appointment or drop by the HUB Writing Center during our regular hours so you can meet face-to-face with a writing partner. We're located in the Lower Level of the Library/Learning Commons.

On-line or E-tutoring: What's the Difference?

Select on-line tutoring/synchronous sessions if you're looking to chat with a writing partner, brainstorm ideas, or get immediate feedback. Make an appointment; then look for a Zoom link that your writing partner will email to you via your SCU email. This is most like a face-to-face HUB meeting!

Select e-tutoring/asynchronous sessions if you want to upload a paper and get feedback asynchronously. You’ll need to specify what main feedback you want, and the more specific you are with that request, the more helpful the writing partner can be. We recommend you also mark up your text with comments and let us know where you have a question, what your thesis is, what you really like about your paper, etc. If you add comments and questions into your Google doc, your writing partner will be able to help you even more!

Note: e-tutoring will have a slower turn around (several hours to a few days), and the writing partner will not edit or simply proofread your work – so plan ahead. Writing partners will offer suggestions for how you can develop your writing on your own.


The HUB: An Overview


Who can use The HUB?

The HUB is a free resource for anyone at SCU. We work with undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff. If you're working on a writing or public speaking project, we can help.

Why use The HUB?

We're not just about editing! Our main goal is to help writers develop as writers. This means we can help you refine your ideas, analysis, organization, and more. You can even come in just to brainstorm about a topic and your plans for an assignment.

When to use The HUB?

Always feel free to come in a few times throughout a writing project. That way we can help you to develop a topic that works for the assignment and that interests you, we can help you to think about the best way to organize your ideas, and we can talk about how you can use information effectively.

What about proofreading?

The HUB's goal is to help you learn. That means we won't take your paper from you and make changes or edit your work. If you come in for help with grammar or sentence structure, you can expect more than editing/proofreading. We will work on helping you to learn what the mistakes are, why they are mistakes, and how you can identify those in your writing in the future.

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