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Undergraduate Research


Conference Presentations

The HUB encourages research and professional development activities for all writing partners. Since 2014, multiple undergraduate writing partners have presented their own research or collaborative projects at both regional and national conferences.

Nate Metz conducted archival research in order to evaluate how basic writing and teaching writing to multilingual students has been framed at SCU throughout the school's history. His project was accepted for the International Writing Centers Association Conference, which was held in Vancouver, B.C. (October 2022) 

Ryan Nazari presented at the Northern California Writing Centers Association Conference and shared how writing centers can more radically become safe spaces by helping students to become critical thinkers beyond the classroom. (March 2021) 

Denise K. Krane and Brandon Schultz presented at the Young Rhetoricians' Conference and shared how writing centers and especially undergraduate tutors can help faculty to develop more effective assignment prompts. (June 2019)

Dominick Ott and Bree Bellati hosted a workshop on navigating unclear assignment prompts during tutoring sessions at the Northern California Writing Centers Association. (April 2019)

Khiely Jackson presented on the ethical dimensions of tutoring writers, especially in regards to confronting and addressing oppressive language during tutoring sessions. The presentation took place at the Northern California Writing Centers Association's annual conference. (April 2019)

Denise K. Krane, Kyarra Keele and Kara Tanaka conducted a workshop about Diversity & Inclusivity Statements of Practice for writing centers at the International Writing Centers Association conference (October 2018).

Kirsten Andersen, Chiara Carbone, Perla Luna, and Kara Tanaka presented at the Northern California Writing Centers Association conference (April 7th, 2018). They, along with the HUB's director, Denise K. Krane, conducted a workshop on writing center Diversity & Inclusivity Statements.

Michael Turgeon presented at the regional Conference on College Composition and Communication at San Jose State Univeristy (June 2017). His presentation, "Lines and Spaces: Why Songwriting Deserves a Place in the English Department" focused on how English departments could make space for teaching musical composition.

Kaitlyn Kuehn and Natalie Grazian presented at the Northern California Writing Centers Association Conference in Santa Clara, CA (April 1st-2nd, 2016). Their project, "Writing Centers and Writing Fiction: Space and Grace in Creative Assistance" looked at how writing partners could work with creative writers.

Michael Turgeon presented at the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing in Salt Lake City, Utah (November 5th-8th, 2015). His project, "Challenging Assumptions from Within: How to Create a Multi-disciplinary Writing Center" looked at bringing more science writers into writing centers.

Karlyse Bailey and Mary Robinson presented at the Northern California Writing Centers Association Conference in Sonoma, CA (April 4th-5th, 2014). Karlyse presented on best practices for tutoring on-line, and Mary presented on how conversational practices impact tutoring sessions.

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