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WE CAN FLAG YOUR APPLICATION TO SANTA CLARA! If you are a high school player or incoming freshman interested in joining the team, please refer to the "Contact Us" section of the site to get in touch with one of our captains.

Ultimate frisbee is a 7v7 game that is played with scoring like Football, defense like Soccer and movement like Basketball. While it is a fast paced game, it is easy to pick up, especially if you have experience with any of the above sports. But really ultimate is accessible for all to learn, especially because our team teaches both fundamentals and high level play throughout the year. No experience is ever required.

Check out the videos below for more of a look at what ultimate, and SCAB, are like. 

Watch some of our highlights from last season!

We compiled clips to give you a glimpse into the athletes who make up SCAB, what ultimate is and why its more than what you played in middle school gym and the level of play we compete at every tournament.

For more about what ultimate is:

This is a highlight reel of the Men's College National Championship tournament in 2019, it shows what college ultimate looks like at its highest level.

This is a highlight reel put together of BIPOC Excellence in ultimate that shows off high intensity and even higher skill play.