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Application Process

The 2024 Application is Open!

Step 1. Apply

Non-SCU, Non-Degree seeking SCU and incoming Fall 2024 transfer students, SCU alumni, SCU employees, and SCU graduate students must complete and submit the Summer 2024 Visiting Student Application. Please note: verification of enrollment/good standing, including a cumulative grade point average of "C" or better from the student's home institution, must be provided to Santa Clara University. Additionally, the application fee of $80 is payable by credit card. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received, and take up to five business days to be processed.

Visiting International Students: Please contact the Office of Summer Sessions,, for information about visa and English proficiency requirements prior to submitting an application.

Application Submission Verification: Every student who submits an application form will receive an email acknowledging successful submission of the form. The email will contain the student’s login information to use to track your application.

Welcome Email: Summer Sessions will send a welcome email to all accepted students. This email will contain information on how to prepay their tuition. Beginning June 1, students are required to prepay their tuition in full before Santa Clara will register them for summer courses. Please note that the welcome email is the final correspondence a visiting student will receive at the email address listed on their application. All future email correspondence will be sent to the student's SCU Gmail account.

Step 2. Prepayment of Tuition (After Students Receive the Welcome Email)

A prepayment of tuition in the amount of $6,100 (the amount for a 5-unit course) must be received prior to class registration. The $6,100 payment will be credited toward tuition and used to decrease the amount billed. Santa Clara University does not accept debit or credit cards for payment of tuition and fees. To prepay your tuition:

Part I - Set Up
  1. Log into MySCU Portal at
  2. Click on “WORKDAY @ SCU” tile
  3. Click on the “Finances” App
  4. Click on “Make a Payment
  5. Next to the Payment Description, select “Connect to Make Online Payment
  6. Next to Payment Amount, enter $6,100
  7. Click “OK” button
  8. On the next screen, click the “Confirm” button. This will take you to the Transact payment portal (takes 15-30 seconds to load). Do not click the “Done” button.

Part II - Transact Payment Portal

  1. Once you are in the Transact payment portal, click on the "Workday Prepay" box in the center of the screen
  2. Enter the required payment amount of $6,100
  3. Click “Add to Payment”
  4. Click “Checkout”
  5. Follow the prompt to enter your banking information to remit a successful payment. A receipt will be emailed to you.

NOTE: Any remaining balance will be billed and due on the 21st of the same month. Billing is done electronically; therefore, please be sure to review your SCU email account for billing notifications. 

Beginning June 1, all students are required to prepay their tuition in full before Santa Clara will register them for summer courses. Please contact One Stop (408-551-1000 or for assistance.