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Offsite Support Groups

Offsite Support

The following are offsite resources that students in recovery may be able to benefit from. If a student has questions about offsite groups, they’re welcome to come to the Wellness Center for assistance in finding a suitable group for them. 

12-Step Groups

You can use this resource to find local & online support groups. There are 12-step meetings for individuals of every identity. If you would like to filter meetings by gender orientation, age of participants, language preference, or sexual orientation. You can filter by groups by these considerations at the top of the page. Additionally, you can filter by in-person and virtual meetings if you prefer to attend a meeting via Zoom

SMART Recovery 

SMART (Smart Management and Recovery Training) recovery meetings cover topics such as building motivation to change, coping with cravings, managing thoughts and behaviors, and living a balanced life. While meetings met in person pre-pandemic, most meetings are now online. More information can be found here.