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Substance Free Housing Community

Substance Free Housing

Whether you’re sober or sober-curious, SCU is excited to offer Substance Free Housing (SFH) to our incoming freshman and rising sophomores. Part of the Magis Residential Learning Community, the purpose of this housing opportunity is to create an intentional and supportive community with a shared agreement to live a substance free life. There are many reasons why students might make this choice, and all are welcome to apply!

Students in SFH will enjoy the opportunity for specific community-building activities while being connected and engaged with the larger campus community. Some opportunities will be specific to residents of SFH, while others might be open to the larger campus community. Examples of opportunities might be local outings, bonding activities, professional development events, movie nights, or community dinners. We’re always open to suggestions, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Students in SFH can also be connected with both of our drop-in student recovery groups, the Burnout Broncos and One Night at a Time (ONAAT). 

The Burnout Broncos provide a safe space and supportive community for students in recovery from substance use and addiction, including the sober-curious. Participation is completely voluntary; there is no barrier to entry. Any student who is curious about recovery or what a life without substance use looks like is encouraged to reach out and attend one of our meetings. Students at any stage of recovery and at any point in their academic journeys are welcome, including graduate and non-traditional students.

One Night at a Time (ONAAT) is a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, a 12-step program, that is open to SCU students and young people in the community who have a desire to stop drinking. Each week, a speaker shares for 15 minutes and afterwards the meeting opens up for others to share. While meetings are not conversational, questions and conversation often take place before and after meetings. 12-step programs are spiritual in nature and encourage sponsorship. Any student curious about 12-step programming, sponsorship, or sobriety is encouraged to attend.

Into the Wild is a substance-free outdoor activities group. Students can join them on weekend outings, whether it’s a local hike, an overnight camping trick, or goat yoga.

All members of this community agree to abide by a set of expectations that will create a safe and supportive environment conducive to the wellbeing of all students. The purpose of these norms is not to be punitive, but instead to ensure a culture of accountability and mutual respect.

  1. I agree not to bring any alcohol or drugs into my housing community, including prescription medications not prescribed to me as well as medical cannabis.
  2. I agree not to enter substance free housing if I am intoxicated.
  3. I agree to alert a Residence Life staff member, including a CF, or my building’s RD or ARD, if I’m aware that another member of the substance free housing community is under the influence in order to maintain the safety and accountability of the community for all residents.
  4. I agree to not invite any guests into my residence hall who are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  5. I understand that if I’m in violation of any of these agreements, I will be moved to another on-campus housing assignment wherever space is available.

Application Information

Click here to apply for Substance Free Housing. Apply before the priority deadline of March 15th for advanced consideration! Applications received after this date will be considered as long as space remains available.

Please make sure you have completed the main housing application prior to submitting the Substance Free Housing Application. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jason Munoz, Assistant Director for Substance Use & Recovery Programs at The Wellness Center, at