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Resources and Education on Cannabis Usage

The Wellness Center offers support for students seeking to change their behaviors around cannabis usage. While recreational usage (for those over 21) and medical usage (for those over 18) of cannabis are legal in California, usage of or being under the effects of cannabis on-campus are prohibited by SCU policy. 

Is Cannabis addictive? 

Per the 2020 National Survey on Drug Use, more than a million Americans aged 18-25 tried cannabis for the first time. Despite common myths, it’s possible to become addicted to cannabis just like any other substance. In fact, in 2020, 13.5% of Americans aged 18-25 reported cannabis usage that qualified for a substance use disorder. Like other substances, usage of cannabis can lead to future cravings and withdrawals. 

Who can I talk to on campus about my cannabis or other drug usage? 

  • Request a private AOD Consultation with the Recovery & AOD Assistant Director, Jason Muñoz
  • Schedule a phone consultation with CAPS (408) 554-4501
  • For CAPS’s 24/7 after-hours support, call (408) 554-5220


Additional Resources: 

SAMHSA's 24 Hour Help Line

Tool for Finding Local Narcotics Anonymous Groups