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Naloxone/Narcan Resources

SCU is committed to empowering our students to practice safer substance usage and to be prepared to administer potentially life-saving Naloxone to someone in need. Under California law AB-635, “Drug overdose treatment: liability”, any individual who administers Naloxone to someone they suspect is overdosing will not be held liable in civil or criminal court.

Naloxone Vending Machine

All students and staff can access a vending machine stocked with Naloxone in the basement of Benson Memorial Center, across from the bathrooms. Tap your access card up to twice a day to dispense a 2-dose box of Naloxone.

For additional boxes of Naloxone, please come to the Wellness Center at 852 Market Street, across the street from Swig Residence Hall.

Naloxone Administration Trainings

Naloxone administration trainings are available to the SCU community!

  • Request a training from the Assistant Director of the Wellness Center, Jason Muñoz (
  • Students who have been trained to train others can request a supply of Naloxone from the Wellness Center.
  • Resources for training are also available, courtesy of Santa Clara County’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Program.
  • A video training is also available, courtesy of the California Department of Public Health.


If you’d like to talk to someone about your substance usage, please schedule a confidential Substance Use Consult.