Santa Clara University


Visitor, Department Charge & Other Specialty Cards

Please click here for a card request form.


Campus visitors may purchase a non-photo VIP ACCESS card at any Value Transfer Station for $5. With any deposit a VIP card can be used as a campus debit card for purchases at all locations accepting the ACCESS card and still offers a 14% discount at the public copiers. If a VIP card is lost, however, any balance remaining on a Flex Account is unrecoverable.


Campus departments may purchase a department VIP card for $5 which can work as either a door key or as a declining balance debit card which is accepted at the same locations as the ACCESS card.  Requests for door access VIP cards should be emailed to the ACCESS Office (see link above); requests for VIP cards for use as debit cards should be made through the University Finance Office.


University contractors are required to display contractor badges while working on campus. A department hiring a contractor must complete an ACCESS Card Request Form using the link above and email it to the ACCESS Office.  If the contractor will be working in a secured area controlled by ACCESS card entry, the facility manager should notify the ACCESS Office of the location(s) and timeframe allowed. The contractor should then be directed to the ACCESS Office to obtain his/her badge.

Contractor cards expire at the end of work on campus or on June 30th. The card expiration date is printed on the face of the card. If work will be extended beyond one year the University department responsible for the contractor agreement must email the ACCESS Office requesting card renewal for an additional year. Contractors may then obtain the card authorized for the second year free upon surrendering their old card at the ACCESS Office within 30 days of their expiration date.

To obtain an ACCESS Card Request Form, please click here.

Athletics Facilities

The Athletic Office issues Athletics VIP cards to alumni and visitors wishing to use the campus athletics facilities: Tennis Center, Leavey Activities Center and the Pat Malley Fitness Center. Quarterly or annual cards may be purchased.

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