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Financial Responsibility

How can students stay informed of their responsibilities?

  • READ emails sent by student services offices regarding important dates and deadlines.
  • Review the Financial Information chapter in the official Student Bulletin.
  • Be aware of the refund policy and deadlines for dropping courses or withdrawing from the University.
  • Keep informed via the Bursar Office website. 

All students are required to accept the financial terms and conditions outlined by the University in order to begin and continue their enrollment at SCU. Students will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions, on an annual basis, upon their login to eCampus. Student will not have any access to their Student Center until they have read and agreed to the information contained on the page(s) prompted. Students are agreeing to pay and to abide by all policies and procedures as published, regardless of who pays the bill on their behalf.

Students become the 'borrower' for all educational debt charged to their student account and we want to insure they understand the responsibilities and deadlines associated with enrollment. Documents have to be completed, procedures followed, enrollment and payment deadlines met, and loans have to be repaid or consequences can be severe. Knowledge is the key to preventing unnecessary actions.

Student Financial Terms & Conditions

2023-2024 - Students turning 18 

2023-2024 - Students Under 18 (PDF)


2022-2023   (PDF)

2021-2022   (PDF)