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Payment Policies

Students assume responsibility for all costs incurred as a result of enrolling at Santa Clara University. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of his/her account balance, financial information, and to maintain current valid address information at all times to ensure receipt of all University correspondence in a timely manner.

Electronic bills are generated and made available on Workday by the 1st of each month and have a due date of the 21st. Students and their Authorized Payers should review the billing statement each month for any new activity. Students with unpaid billed charges will be assessed a $100 late fee for every month the balance remains unpaid. You can find further information on term deadlines at:


  • All student account balances must be paid in full before students are allowed to enroll in any future term, regardless of the billing due date reflected on the most current statement.
  • Students that do not enroll during the registration appointment period for the term in question, missing the initial billing cycle, may be required to prepay for any new enrollment for that term/semester.
  • If at the time of registration for the next term, a student's account has a past due balance exceeding $5,000.00, the balance must be remitted with guaranteed funds* before the registration hold is lifted.
  • If a student has two or more returned checks within a calendar year, prepayment with guaranteed funds* will be required for a minimum of three consecutive terms** before registration is allowed.

*Guaranteed funds are cashier's check, money order, or international wire transfer.
**The University reserves the right to extend the term length beyond the 3-term period.

Payment received on a student's account, exceeding the account balance or anticipated charges, will remain on the account and applied toward future term charges. No refunds will be issued for over payments unless the student is withdrawing or has completed their degree. Students have the option to apply a term maximum of $500 to their Access Card for books and living expenses. This charge will be applied to their student account and offset/decrease any over payment. 
Credits from a wire transfer will be refunded back to the original wire.

Accounts remaining unpaid by each month's payment deadline are subject to a late payment fee. Any financial aid funds that have not yet been accepted by the student, have incomplete documentation or not appearing as anticipated aid on the student's account are also subject to late fees. Make sure to apply and complete all aid required documentation well in advance of the initial payment deadlines for each term/semester.

-All accounts must be paid in full in order for students to enroll in succeeding terms or to receive copies of certificates and/or diplomas.

-As may be permitted by law, all institutional services will be withheld from students, or former students, who have been notified, in writing, at the student's or former student's last known address, that he or she is in default on a loan or loans made for attendance at an institution of higher education, or that they have outstanding financial obligations due the University.

-The University reserves the right to recover all costs related to the collection of delinquent accounts. In addition, delinquent accounts will accrue interest at the maximum legal rate once placed in a collection status. 

-The University reserves the right to cancel the registration of any student if a balance due from a previous term remains unpaid at the start of a subsequent term.


For delinquent holds to be removed, the overdue bill must be paid. Depending on the form of payment, the hold will be released promptly.

  • For cashier's check or international wire transfers, the hold will be released within 24 business hours. We do not currently accept domestic wire transfers.
  • Online payments will take 7 calendar days.
  • Personal check payments will take 10 calendar days.

Some payment holds cannot be paid online, please call for more information.
For poor payment histories, some account holds will remain even after a guaranteed funds payment.

Holds placed by departments other than OneStop (Enrollment Services Center) or the Bursar's Office, please contact the department for more information.