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Student Holds

The following are holds that may impact a students registration and diploma request.

Here are brief descriptions along with the contact information for assistance on hold removal. 

Code Description Reason Contact
LPF Late Payment Fee Payment not received by billing statement deadline. $100 late payment fee assessed to the student's account
PAY Prepayment  Student is required to prepay for enrollment. Some prepayment holds require guaranteed funds. 408-551-1000
RCK Returned Payment Payment returned by payers' banking institution. A $25 non-refundable fee will apply.  Bursar's Office
OAG Online Agreement Annually read and accept the Online Agreement before proceeding to ecampus.  Bursar's Office 408-554-4424
RPP Returned Payment Online payment plan payment returned by payers' banking institution. A $25 non-refundable fee will applyand payment plan can be cancelled. Bursar's Office 408-554-4424
DEL Delinquent Account

Account balance is over 60 days past due 

Credit Counseling 408-554-4620 
BUR Bursar Office Hold This hold will prevent online payments. Contact the Bursar's Office to discuss account and payment options. Bursar's Office

Important Information

  • For delinquent holds to be removed, the overdue bill must be paid. Depending on the form of payment, the hold will be released promptly.
    • For cashiers check or money order, the hold will be released within 24 business hours
    • Online Payment will take 7 calendar days
    • Personal check payment will take 14 calendar days
  • Some payment holds cannot be paid on-line, please call for more information.
  • For poor payment histories, some account holds will remain even after a guaranteed fund payment.
  • Holds placed by departments other than Enrollment Services Center ( or the Bursar's Office, contact the department for more information.