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About Us

About CEPI

About the Certified Equity Professional Institute

The Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI) was founded in 1989 by a group of equity compensation professionals.  Their mission was to establish, promote, and provide certification and continuing education for the equity compensation industry.

Since its founding, the CEPI's self study curriculum has served as the industry's educational standard.  Organizations and individuals use CEPI exams as a measurement of basic (Level 1), intermediate (Level 2), and advanced (Level 3) knowledge, skills, and abilities related to equity compensation.

The CEPI curriculum focuses on the core disciplines of equity compensation:  Accounting; Equity Plan Design, Analysis and Administration; Corporate and Securities Law; and Taxation.  The CEP designation is granted to individuals who have passed all three exams, and have demonstrated mastery of equity compensation related issues in all of the core disciplines. The program is also open to individuals seeking only basic or intermediate knowledge.  Candidates can select to complete one, two or all three levels of the program.


“From the perspective of an outside executive compensation lawyer, I can attest to the difference that having a CEP managing a client's stock plans can make. CEPs are trained to anticipate legal, tax, and accounting issues before they become a problem - saving substantial time, legal fees and mental angst. Less business for me, but it's worth it!”